Triumph Spitfire

Engine Crankshaft Main Bearing End Cap Repair

(can also be applied to other similar engines)

Pictured above is a damaged end cap as a result of a badly worn original style thrust washer that eventually slipped out of place. This resulted in a direct contact between the spinning crankshaft and end cap surface. The original style Triumph thrust washer has a thin bearing surface that will eventually wear away to bare steel. The result is rapid wear, which quickly caused damage to this end cap.

The damaged area has been repaired using a programmable CNC end mill. Tapped holes have been added that will allow attaching a new "Custom Thrust Washers" solid alloy thrust washer. The solid alloy thrust washer eliminates the wear problem that is typical of the original style thrust washers.

By modifying the end cap to hold a second thrust washer, the bearing surface has been increased from a 180 bearing degree surface to a 360 degree bearing surface. This will greatly improve bearing performance by doubling the contact surface.

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